When will the BYD SHARK be launched in China and will it affect the pickup truck market?
When will the BYD SHARK be launched in China and will it affect the pickup truck market?

When will the BYD SHARK be launched in China and will it affect the pickup truck market?

June 6, 2024

BYD SHARK was released in Mexico, the new car is based on the DMO super hybrid off-road platform, “DMO” is the acronym of Dual Mode Off-Road, meaning Dual Mode Off-Road, which is a professional off-road platform launched by BYD for the mass consumer group, the new car is positioned as a medium-large new energy smart pickup truck, the body dimensions of BYD SHARK are 5457/1971/1925mm in length, width and height, respectively. Intelligent pickup truck, in body dimensions, BYD SHARK’s length, width and height are 5457/1971/1925mm, the wheelbase is 3260mm, and the cargo box size is 1520*1500*517mm.

BYD SHARK is BYD brand’s first new energy pickup truck, from the unveiling of the official drawings of the car than the Equation Leopard is more rugged and hardcore, the front face of the large size of the “BYD” brand LOGO, with the headlamps using a rectangular design, and in the hood is supplemented by a through the type of LED light strip, extremely visual impact. Adopting a two-seat passenger layout, the new car is equipped with bold gantries on the cargo box, front wheels with black wheelbars, side sills, roof racks and two-color wheels and other hardcore elements.

In the core competitiveness of the product, the new car is particularly outstanding, the power system SHARK is equipped with a capacity of 29.6kWh lithium iron phosphate battery pack, cross-country special longitudinal EHS electric hybrid system, with 100km of pure electric range (NEDC). BYD SHARK “Shark” uses the same 1.5T engine as the Equation Leopard, with front and rear electric motors. Officially announced 5.7s zero hundred acceleration, and the performance of fuel consumption in the feeder is 7.5L/100km (NEDC), fuel consumption is very good in pickup trucks, and can reach 840km (NEDC) under full fuel and full charge. In the environment of 50kW power DC fast charging, the car battery SOC 30-80% replenishment time of 20 minutes, while the new car with VTOL on-board discharge function.

The new car has an approach angle of 31°, a departure angle of 19.3°, and a minimum ground clearance of 210mm, as well as a 2.5T towing capacity. Equipped with “front and rear electronic locks + energy center lock” top off-road configuration.

Meanwhile, the interior retains a large number of physical buttons in order to ensure the convenience of the driver’s daily operation, while also adopting the Equation Leopard-like lift-shift lever. Equipped with a 10.25-inch LCD instrument panel and a 12.8-inch center screen, it is also compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and is equipped with a 360° panoramic view camera and a 180° chassis camera, providing an ultra-wide and transparent panoramic image of 540°.

BYD SHARK is not yet available in China. The vehicle could be a very big shock to the current Chinese pickup market, and BYD will probably take into account the sales of pickups from other manufacturers to determine whether or not to launch it in the country. China’s pickup truck scrapping policy is also a problem for pickup truck buyers. If the car is officially launched in China, it may greatly impact the 20-30W RMB class pickup truck market and even form a monopoly.


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