Is the BYD Hiace 07 better than the Model Y?
Is the BYD Hiace 07 better than the Model Y?

Is the BYD Hiace 07 better than the Model Y?

May 23, 2024

BYD’s latest Hiace 07 serves as a counterpart to the Song L in the Marine lineup in terms of model type and price. Whether this car will affect Model Y sales in China in the future is an open question.

In China, chassis stability is a less important element due to the different modes of travel and road conditions. This has resulted in few cars with many similar SUVs that have a similar driving experience to the Model Y.

Hiace 07 EV positioning medium-sized SUV, body dimensions, length of 4830mm, width of 1925mm, height of 1620mm, wheelbase of 2930mm. before the auto show actually experienced, the internal space is definitely the existence of a class leader, whether it’s storage space or driving space, can bring a good experience for the user.

In terms of appearance, the BYD Hiace 07 EV, as the first model of the new Hiace IP of Ocean, continues the ocean aesthetic design concept; it adopts the design concept of Ocean X. The classic C-shaped LED light source with the glossy black air intakes underneath has a sharp and sporty look.

The side of the vehicle adopts a double waistline design, extending from the front all the way to the rear, making the whole car looks a few more points of power and sporty feeling, together with this floating roof design, increasing the level of the vehicle and three-dimensional sense.

In terms of safety, the Evo platform has made two major changes, the first is to change the drive mode of the e platform 3.0, turning the front drive into a rear drive, and putting the motor electric control and other equipment to the back of the vehicle, which brings the benefit of a larger space for energy absorption in the front cabin; and at the same time adjusting the structure of the conductor once again, placing the steering gear to the forefront so as to minimize the steering gear’s effect on energy absorption.

ePlatform 3.0 innovatively adopts battery-body integration technology. ePlatform 3.0 Evo comprehensively upgrades the body structure design of the key areas of the passenger compartment; it introduces for the first time the TRB one-piece front perimeter panel and blade battery fusion design, and for the first time, it integrates the 1500Mpa-class ultra-high strength closed-section rolled crossbeam and blade battery integration design, which makes the whole vehicle and the battery stronger in terms of extrusion resistance and torsion resistance. Officially, the floor of the passenger compartment with honeycomb-like high-rigidity battery pack can withstand 50 tons of heavy truck crushing.


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