Denza Z9GT preview: a luxury model with two refrigerators
Denza Z9GT preview: a luxury model with two refrigerators

Denza Z9GT preview: a luxury model with two refrigerators

July 8, 2024

The front of Denza Z9GT features a Solar Diadem design with a dual star corona headlamp cluster inspired by the eruption of stars, and multi-functional combination headlamps encompassing intelligent driving functions of high and low beams and DLP pixel headlamps. In terms of dimensions, the vehicle’s length, width and height are 5180 (5195)/1990/1480 (1500) mm, with a wheelbase of 3125 mm.

Inside, the new car adopts Denza 2.0 cabin design, the vehicle’s center control section is equipped with three screens: the instrument screen, the center control screen and the passenger entertainment screen. In terms of comfort configuration, the front passenger side provides zero-gravity seats, which can be precisely matched to the cushion angle, length, backrest angle and front and rear travel of the seat with a single click.

The rear seats use CLA scroll cushion length adjustment to create a more comfortable riding experience, and provide seat ventilation/heating and 10-point massage function, and the entire system is equipped with a rear center armrest as standard. It is worth mentioning that Denza Z9 GT also provides front and rear intelligent cold and warm dual refrigerators, with a heating temperature of 35°C~50°C and a cooling temperature of -6°C~+6°C. The front refrigerator has a capacity of 4L and can put down 6 bottles of Coke, while the rear refrigerator has a capacity of 10L and can put down 2 bottles of champagne or 4 bottles of red wine, which are located in the front and rear center armrests respectively.

In terms of power, the Denza Z9 GT will be available in pure electric and plug-in hybrid versions. the pure electric version is equipped with front and rear triple-motor drive, with the front motor having a maximum power of 230kW, and the rear dual motors having a maximum power of 240kW and 240kW, with a combined maximum power of 710kW (996 hp) and a maximum speed of 240km/h. In addition, the car will use lithium-iron phosphate batteries from Jinan Fudi. The Denza Z9 GT plug-in hybrid version will be equipped with a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a BYD479ZQA 2.0T engine and three electric motors. The engine has a maximum power of 152kW, and the motors have a combined maximum power of 640kW, with a top speed of 230km/h. Both versions of the model have an electric four-wheel drive drive transmission system.


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